Foundations Behind Simulation: A Brief Reference

Simulation is defined as:

  1. imitation or enactment, as of something anticipated or in testing.
  2. the act or process of pretending; feigning

Medical simulation is a branch of simulation involving training within the medical field.  There is oodles and oodles of research behind simulation and why it’s so good for many reasons. One of our goals behind what we’re trying to do is to have fun while improving the way we care of our patients.  Part of this process is to create a “psychological safe zone” for everyone to engage in positive interactions amongst the team we work with everyday. This is an opportunity to allow us to improve patient outcomes while allowing us to improve our own practice with ZERO harm to our patients! Therefore, why not use Monty as our practice dummy?

Also, with simulation, there is a debrief process. This is for us to take some time to discuss what has happened during the simulation to learn new approaches and perspectives. This is not the time or place for individual criticism and we will not allow this.

Below are a couple of references that we hope you will read that might give you some thought behind the idea of simulation and how it really is a great thing to participate in! They are a tad old, but still very relevant! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us at any point in time and do not be shy, please. Also, forgive us in advance as this is a learning experience for us as we we drive over the speed bumps to establish a semi straight road.

You know that saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”…..we’re using the same principle; “what happens in the sim lab, stays in the sim lab”…….unless it’s positive and aides in patient outcomes! 😉


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